Multiplying Your Efforts as a Physical Therapist

Daisy's Thanksgiving Puppies! We are delighted to announce the arrival of our new doggies!  They, like you, are of “champion bloodlines”.  In a cash physical therapy practice your greatness is rewarded at or before the time of service by payment!  Can you imagine how much you’d have to pay for dog grooming if the groomer had to submit a bill and wait months for payment?  In a physical therapy practice you need to multiply or leverage your results.  Commit to growing your practice every month.  You don’t need to hire a new therapist every month but work on your business to increase your cash paying patients.  Sure hope you had a GREAT Thanksgiving and that by next year you will be even more prosperous.  The Cash Physical Therapy Secrets home study course is an accelerator package for your prosperity.  Our current Cash Physical Therapy  Secrets / Physical Therapy Cash Secrets course sale ends Monday.  So click here to check it out now.  Aren’t those puppies adorable?  This page tells more about how to train your dog and features our Daisy the mother of the new puppies, plus a lot about dog training and care.
Lance, PT   TherapeuticWealth to YOU!


First Ever Sale on “Cash Physical Therapy Secrets” homestudy course

Hello Blogoshpere friends,  I am quite thankful that so many of you have been subscribing lately.  Thank-you for your interest!  As our way of giving thanks this season we are offering our Cash Physical Therapy Secrets / Physical Therapy Cash Secrets course with four times the value but only until Monday!  This is our first sale since we started teaching  Cash Physical Therapy Secrets in 2007.  Take a quick look and don’t forget to purchase your “Cash Physical Therapy Secrets” / “Physical Therapy Cash Secrets” home study course before the sale ends.

If you drop me a line via the contact form please let me know which name you prefer.

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Thanks and Happy post-Thanksgiving to you!


P.S. I have news in the puppy department that I will share in the next post.

Following “Life’s Little Instructions”

It's therapeutic to have a buddy!

I think that “Life’s Little Instructions” that I referred to in my previous post, could have said to ” Have a Dog OR have a cat. We have a dog and the dog has a cat. Our dog “Daisy” is practicing to be a mommy dog so indeed if her pedigreed pups come out healthy we’ll REALLY be following “Life’s Little Instructions”.  Scott Van Niekerk’s cash physical therapy clinic  is staffed by awesome physical therapists and two dogs that wag and lick any willing patient. The dogs are part of the ambience of the clinic. I do housecall PT so being nice to my patients’ dogs is therapeutic for me and I think the patients appreciate it too. In case you’re interested in an awesome golden retriever puppy you can visit my dog training facebook page which mostly stars our golden retriever.  This will give you an idea of how nice a healthy golden retriever can be to own.


“Lead or Get off the Pot!” / Advice from the “Throne Room”

While taking a little “personal time” a while back I looked up at “Life’s Little Instructions” framed on the bathroom wall and read, “Use the good dishes.  Live life as an exclamation and not an explanation.  Have a dog.”   I apply that wisdom by eating in the dining room twice daily, celebrating EVERY accomplishment and yes by having a dog.  Our sweet as honey dog has more than enough wags, snuggles, and love to go around for our whole family and more.  She definitely is “therapeutic”.   Having her has also taught me the importance of being a consistently good leader.  Good dog training has kept her from jumping up and breaking grandma’s hips.  You’ve got to be the leader!   The reward is being able to say like Pat Croce, PT, “I Feel GREAT!”.  When you feel great that will automatically transfer to not only your dog but also to those you care about including your customers and potential customers.

Why Am I Sleeping in a Castle?

Ever slept in a castle?  Was it made of great stones or blankets and chairs on the living room floor as mine were on Saturday afternoons when I was a young boy.

I’ve seen and visited a lot of castles in Europe but the one I resided in a while back in Oregon was incredible.  You might think that the owners would be some high falutin’ snobby hard folks but they are just as warm and friendly as the owners of my blanket castles.

I’m typing this from the great room looking at the tallest trees to the left and rear of the picture as I type.  Hopping bunnies, purring kitties, licking dogs, and curious chickens guard the perimeter.  Everyone here is friendly.

So what’s the moral of the story?  As you know I practice and teach about cash based physical therapy. You also probably have figured out that I take a lot of long vacations.  I pay for many of the accommodations and fees but many of them are free and this is how the accommodations have been the last two nights.  My gracious hosts have a stucco sprayer small business providing equipment that makes it a lot quicker to apply stucco than by trowel.   It is approximately twice as fast to use their equipment to apply plaster and stucco than to do it by trowel.   Now if you have a great way with patients and good techniques to get people better faster and more permanently people will pay for it.  Don’t be ashamed to ask for money if you’re providing a great service.  Once you’ve done it once it’s easier the second time.   When blessings come your way do be sure to pass them on in other ways.   Great hospitality is certainly a good way to do this.

Lance P. Van Arsdell, PT

Cash Physical Therapy Secrets/Physical Therapy Cash Secrets Home study Course

Words That it Make it Worth It – And How to Make Them Worth It for YOU

The right words can make your physical therapy and personal lives feel absolutely wonderful.   Recording and publishing the right words from your PT clients can make the road to your inevitable cash practice tilt in your favor.

I am a good therapist but everything I know as a cash-paid physical therapist can be learned.  I am well-paid for my visits but some of the best “payments” I get are the kind words that come from my patients.   Before we came on our vacation I recorded some patient testimonials on my camcorder.   I’ve just put some of them on youtube(TM) so if you click here you can hear and see what one of my cash-paying patients says about me.   To hear another click here.

Gather testimonials from your patients daily if possible.   A marketer earning $50-60,00/month told me by phone, “Facts tell, testimonials SELL”.   What besides your physical therapy services could be a better value?  Get testimonials from your patients on video, voice recording (you can do this on your cell phone or ipod(tm) probably), or at least jot them down from the “S” in your “SOAP” notes.  Get your patients’ written permission to publish them.

“I wish we could stay here forever!” my firstborn exclaimed up as I gave the tire swing a hearty push yesterday afternoon.   I wish we could stay here forever too – at least until the first snowfall.   The atmosphere at this fantastic bed and breakfast is superb.  Our hosts are possibly the most gracious gourmet breakfast cooks I’ve ever met.  Kids love the ponies, dogs, and cats.  They like watching the llama, sheep, and chickens.  They collect the eggs (when they can find them) and then we eat the eggs.  We’ve even fished in the creek.  I dug the worms from the compost pile myself.  My wife told me I needed a shower after that.  As I type from my forest-view bed the woods are truly “lovely, dark and deep”, but I do “have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep”.

Why I Sang and Cried Today

“Riiinngg” my trusty flip phone’s reminder echoed back and forth off the immense log walls of our bed and breakfast cabin in the north woods this morning just before our sumptuous breakfast.  One of my faithful cash-paying patients was having a birthday today and my cell phone system reminds me to give them a call.  I can hardly describe the joy it is to work with this family and had to do something special for him.  The patient only can say a few words at a time due to a progressive neurologic condition and he is on an HMO which allows me to accept the cash.  When I knew he’d be up I called and sang (with help) happy birthday to him over the phone.  I also sent emails with a picture of our trip along with a birthday greeting.  I am a good physical therapist but everything I know can be learned and repeated.

Why did I cry?  Our well appointed cabin comes with a lot of good reading material.  I grew up reading Patrick F. McManus’ hilarious hyperbole and picked up a copy of one of his more recent books near the doorway of our cabin.  My wife told me I probably would read the whole book and she wasn’t far from being right.  I laughed sooo hard there were tears streaming down my face many times.  It really was therapeutic.  If you sent one of these books home with your patients every week I’m pretty sure they’d come back happier no matter the physical therapeutic results.  I love to have fun with my patients.  Laughing a lot myself makes it easier.  If you need a laugh click the button below to buy the set for your clinic.  It will be the most fun business investment/expense you’ve had yet this year.