cash-practice-secretsIs Your Holistic Therapy Website Turning Visitors Into Clients?

The Internet is such a big place that it is becoming increasingly critical to ensure that your website collects visitor ‘s contact details.

Why? Because the alternative is that visitors click into your site, have a look around, think “hmmmm that ‘s interesting, I think I might come back later and find out more when I’ve got a bit more time”. Then they click away and they are gone… forever.

While they might intend to come back, they forget, they lose the website address, they forget to write your url down and so on. If you want each and every potential visitor to your site to become a potential client, then you need to capture their contact details and then keep in touch with them so they don’t forget about you.

The easiest way of doing that is to give something away for free on your website.

You might give them something physical like a voucher or some samples or alternatively you might give them something non-physical like an entry in a competition to win something or something digital like a recording, an e-book or a report. Digital and non-physical items are the best because they don’t cost you anything whereas a physical item does.

Regardless of whether is it is a physical product or service you are giving them or something non-physical which has perceived value, the client need to feel as if whatever you are offering is of high enough value to them for them to give you their name, email address and/or phone number.

You also need to ensure that whatever it is you are giving away is going to be of interest to your client. Giving away an e-book on “making more money” isn’t necessarily going to be of interest to a client who came to your site looking for someone who does waxing in their local area. However an e-book on ‘How to have smooth, hair-free legs in 14 minutes’ might be!

Let ‘s say for example you are a holistic therapist and all these new people are calling up or going onto your website to check out what specific types of massage you do and how much it all is. You have potential clients who are right there on your website right now, interested in the Reiki, Reflexology and Indian Head Massage treatments that you offer. What now? How do you translate those website visits and those enquiries into cash? What can tip the scales to turn those visitors into revenue or profit?

Well, what about offering them a free download of relaxation recording that they can listen to before their appointment with you? Or a guide how to let the stress ooze away after work?

Whatever you decide to give away, it needs to be relevant to your business and what those clients are looking for. It also needs to be good value for their time. If your potential clients are taking the time to enter their details and read or listen to whatever it is you’ve given them, they need to feel as if it was worth their time afterwards.

Then when they start to receive communications or newsletters from you letting them know your latest offers, they will think back to the great freebie you gave them and think “yes, I really ought to book a massage“.

This is where it comes back to truly understanding that the market has evolved from the days when all that was required to build a successful business was the odd advert in the local paper. That still works for some types of clientele but for most, we need to focus on getting those client ‘s contact details and then building a relationship with them through our newsletters and marketing until they are in the right place in their lives to book or buy.

And your website is a great place to start. Take a look at it today and see whether it is capturing potential client ‘s details for you or if those visitors are drifting away and eventually purchasing or booking elsewhere.

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