cash-physical-therapy-sapphire-pt-com-blood-pressure-image.jpg“How much does this physical therapy cost?”

That slowed my steps as I rounded one corner of an assisted living center. “How much does this physical therapy cost?” the wheelchair-seated physical therapy-patient asked the therapist who apparently was ahead of her down the next hall.

“Medicare covers it”, the capable physical therapist who still was just around the corner to my right and just out of my sight answered”.

“No one could afford physical therapy if they had to pay for it directly,” he confirmed. I resumed my pace, rounded the corner, smiled, said “Hi Ted (not his real name), and passed the physical therapist. “Ted” did not realize that he’s never going to have patients paying him cash for his services with a belief like that. Worse than that he’s also selling both the patient and himself short.

We all know that when we discontinue care with the elderly, continued progress – regardless of the quality of the home exercise program – is the exception rather than the rule. I’ve had patients repeatedly pay me $150 for single 45-minute visits in that same facility and $800 for a short series. He didn’t realize that the “nobody’s” he spoke of lived all through that facility. They’d been my patients. Their families had thanked me and sent me cards!

People can afford to pay you even if it’s as high as $350/hour as one of our physical therapy course contributors charges. If I and they can do it would it benefit you to find out how? Do you want to know how to do cash paid PT? If so when would be the best time to start learning how on the best physical therapy course?

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