cash physical therapyThe title question is vitally important for anyone wanting to do a cash practice physical therapy.

If a therapist doesn’t have an answer for “Why should I pay cash for my physical therapy?” and feel good about receiving cash for that therapy, he or she will never receive cash for that physical therapy.

There are many many good reasons and benefits to the patient who agrees to pay cash for PT services at or before the time of service. The benefits have to be those important to the PATIENT though and here are a few and how you might share them with your prospective clients:

1. “You’ll get better faster. Research shows (all the physical therapy course contributors agreed) that patients who invest in their health directly get better faster. This is due to many reasons but really I can do better therapy and you’ll like it better as well”.

2. “Mrs. Jones, I like to put my patients first. Do you want me to be YOUR therapist or your insurance companies therapist? If you invest in your health through my services I’ll be working directly for YOU and not for a THIRD party”.

3. “Mr. Jones do you want the best care or only the care that the insurance company approves? I want to invest all our therapy time in YOU. After all YOU’re the important one”.

4. If (and only if) the client is concerned about money you can say, “Working directly for our patients is the best way we’ve found to keep our quality high and our rates so low” (which is true). Never lower your rates to below what you think you’re worth. Phil, who is in the physical product and electronic version of the Cash Practice Secrets home study course

There are many other ways that patients can benefit from paying cash for their physical therapy. Please add your own below by commenting.

Next time I’ll share how to avoid driving away cash paying clients from your practice especially when they ask, “How much will it cost?”.

All the best,

Cash Practice Secrets