cash-physical-therapy-practice.jpgToday was a therapeutic day for me. We PT’s need these. I took a shorter and then a longer hike in the mountains with my family. I also ate very well and still feel good! Our local auntie is a GOOOOD cook.

I don’t know why she doesn’t roll rather than walk by now. I guess it’s because they are always walking up or down a hill from here.

Back home in AZ my associate is doing my cash visits by the way. All PT’s need breaks from our work. We know how to work and also must know how to rest.

My second hike which was with the family started with a lift from teh “vlek” which previously only worked in winter before downhill mountain biking came into popularity.

The “vlek”, or ski lift, did a good job taking us up several vertical meters where we were able to circle the valley and come down the families’ private ski hill behind their house. I have heard the kids use their private tow which is a disk at the end of a spring loaded pole that either goes between the skier’s legs or under their arm. We went by a gurgling spring and by some new condos available but that would only be accessible by snow machine or ski lift in the winter.

The trees in some spots were HUGE ar at least a lot bigger than our “giant” saguaros in AZ. We took some pictures but I haven’t hooked MY laptop to this internet yet. I’ll do my best to post some pictures but will have to get better connected than I am now to do so.

Tomorrow I’ll report again. Yes I took some time to train my brain along business lines which was fun. I also learned a little of the local language which is a passion of mine. I really like to know what’s going on and sure can’t now. If I work for 5 minutes or so I can pretty well get the idea of a single sentence or two of it. I have also checked with a private PT clinic and MAY be able to send a report from there in a few weeks.

While you’re sleeping I’ll be hiking! Time difference is about 9 hours ahead of AZ.

Have a great day!

All the best,

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