cash-physical-therapy-cold-cashHello Future Cash-Paid Physical Therapists.

The time schedule for our life on this earth is limited so make it good. By the end of this post you’ll have a good dose of inspiration and at least one smile!

I wrote this article on Sept 15 which was the “live” day. In a little bit I’ll re-file it but I didn’t think you’d want to miss it.

You might also want to check Sept 27′s post which was added just recently.

Have you ever jumped rope beneath a ski run? Neither had I but that’s what the weather required here in Ukynice (pseudonym) today.

There weren’t any skiers zooming overhead but they could have been as the over-road slope was the only way to stay out of the rain.

When visiting an alpine village the weather is frequently “alpine”. This was true here as we had rain and a chilly breeze for most of the day. I jumped rope under a ski run.

Actually the skiers ski over a bridge over the road and down to the ski lift which is just outside my relatives house. I also stretched my brain by reading a good business-related book.

Cold Cash and Cold Marble for PTs

The sobering trek my wife, her father and I made this afternoon in the blustery weather was a trip into town and up the hill to the graveyard where “grandpa’s” parents were laid to rest. The grave stones were quite up-to date with pictures of some of the deceased both affixed as well as etched into the stones.

A lady was there tending flowers atop her parents grave. I could hardly believe the amount of cut flowers in place there. The lady was familiar with my wife from her previous visits before our marriage. She had brought a watering can to make sure the freshly cut and the potted flowers had enough water. As expected great grandpa and grandma were resting quietly.

At our last visit of 9 years ago great grandma had peeped out the window at us as we arrived and also as we had our first tea (along with a grand assortment of homemade cakes) time on the porch. Great Grandpa who was quite tall was still able to enjoy a museum nearby with us at the time. It was quite obvious great grandpa and great grandma loved each other.

When great grandma departed great grandpa followed her less than a year later. We are occupying their apartment presently. I’d rather have them with us and be sleeping in the attic as we did on our last trip…. No matter how well or poorly we live our lives we are all on a limited time schedule. Are we enjoying the time we have left on our biological clocks?

My wife’s dad walked by a tombstone and remarked, “I borrowed the motorcycle I had a wreck on from that guy”. He also commented that another used to own a chalet only accessible by a tough hike in or more recently a ski lift or snow machine in the winter. Regardless of deceased’s status they all proved to be on limited time schedule.

On a Lighter Note.

While descending the slope toward the exit gate of the Dvorak Cemetery

My father in law said, “I had to pay to use the bathroom in the town of Semily the other day.” The lady taking the money asked if I was to pay five crowns or two crowns. “How can I pay two crowns here when I usually have to pay 5 crowns ( 31 U.S. cents) elsewhere?”

The attendant answered, “Well it’s only two crowns to “pee” but it’s five crowns to “poop””. Continuing to explain he continued, “So I paid my two crowns and began “doing what I had to do in the bathroom”. In just a little while the lights dimmed a notch, then another and then …I was left in the dark”.

To avoid HIS fate and realizing that probably few people would look behind the large trees at the far right side of the cemetery I made an about face, then a right and a left turn heading for the back side of a huge tree. I knew what I had to do right there and right then. Maybe this would make it easier for the ancestors to push up the daisies I thought as a steady stream of well-hydrated “results” flowed freely.

I though I heard something so I did a quick zip and turn and looked straight into the face of….. No, I didn’t see great grandma or great grandma or even the undertaker as I made that about face, but that cemetery wasn’t quite as deserted as I thought it had been! Maybe that two crown $0.125 bathroom admission would have been a good deal after all!

If physical therapists will focus their attention just as one focuses attention when speeding our way the bathroom door we all could have awesome cash practices. Invest for a home study course today!

All the best,

Lance P. Van Arsdell, PT, MSPT
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