Read posts below this one and you’ll find a lot more on cash-based physical therapy practices. I’m pretty sure you’ll like what you read here too but don’t expect a highly technical post. This is on the BENEFIT I’m getting from having a cash practice – European travel.

It is 6:37 p.m. and the backs of my hands are still chilly from a 10k hike over the ridge. To warm myself, I’ve had a couple of cups of hot herb tea sweetened by Uncle B’s own honey. I also enjoyed, gingerbread, tvaroch (slightly similar to cottage cheese) pasta and tomatoes since hiking over the mountain back to our families’ house / great grandma and great grandpa’s cabin.

physical therapy marketingWe are here in Ukynice (say UkyNeetSay (fictional)) and hiked from the even more developed ski town of Harrahov.

While hiking up to the ridge with my father in law from Harrahov however I had to strip down to a shirt and t-shirt but coming back down the mountain I pulled one sweatshirt back on.

It is about 5-7 degrees Celsius here and must have been colder up there but due to exertion I really didn’t get cold. We took our time getting out of Harrahov on foot which is a nice town with many glass and other souvenir items for sale.

physical therapy marketing


One side trip was to the base of one of the summertime ski jumps there. It can be used in the winter too I’m sure and has rope tow leading to the dizzying height at the top. Ski flyers land on stiff plastic fibers all heading downhill. They are quite slippery but only if going downhill. I had to try standing on them.

Where Everybody knows You and Your Dog?

Against our wishes a canine adopted us and we couldn’t shake him for the entire 10k hike. My father in law who is as nice as any person can be spoke gruff Czech to him and even threw some rocks in the dogs direction.

When we had almost arrived back “home” here at the log cabin some folks working out in their garden commented “I’ve seen that dog over in Harrahov!”. The dog didn’t bite but was quite social though it didn’t seem to have a clue where it’s home was.

Europeans here are quite frugal with resources. They have to be. Wages are low and prices are high. Diesel is about $8/gallon so listen up. A good 60-minute massage in that ski town right near the main drag will cost only $37.50 USD when converted from Czech money. I’d like to get some comments on how PT’s save resources in their practices and lives without decreasing the customer’s perceived value.

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