I am running my cash practice by remote control while on vacation in Europe. I also am enriching our already full course for physical therapists this will be more of a non-technical post.

While preparing for your cash practice it is important to keep the end in mind. You can do it if you just will get the tools to have the skills to do so! If you want more details please read posts below this one and check out our physical therapy course. If you’d like to share in my day I hope you’re not too hungry!

I am blessed to have family in Europe in a ski town. In my father-in-law’s day you hiked up the hill and got one or two runs down per day if you were lucky. Now the house he lives in can be framed by a skier’s bridge that goes over the road.

The weather has been chilly with snow on the highest mountains. I did little hiking today but enjoyed a birthday celebration for an 11 year old local family member. I most days I skip one or two meals which means I am back down to three instead of four plus “tea time”. Today tea time was augmented by the birthday celebration and I had no extra space after that. My relatives are not exactly thin but they are strong. They walk and hike a lot. They can’t help it. Almost everywhere they go is up or down a hill.

The horseshoe-chapped birthday cake was topped with fruit which made it slide down. It was accompanied by lots of beautifully-prepared one or two bite sandwiches and juice or tea. Yes, we had candles on the cake and I we sang just like at home. Due to some colds going around the children didn’t get the customary handshakes and kisses.

I congratulate you on reading this and look forward to boosting your PT career to the most delicious heights. I can only do this if you will prepare though.

All the best,

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