I hope this post will be a little bit of inspiration for you to get going on your cash practice. Mine is allowing me to be here and I’m having a great time. I also have a great time when I’m helping people get better in my cash practice.

cash-physical-therapy-tour.jpgWe started our hiking day with a “lift” on one of the 160 quad chair-ski lifts which took us about half way up the resort.

It was a good deal at about $4 USD. Had we not had that lift our three hour long outing would have been lower and probably produced grumbling from the younger set.

What you’re seeing at left is a few ski runs including one half-mowed ski run. They dont look it but many of them are STEEP!

On our way to the falls we came by an OLD truck that had fresh horse manure by its tail ramp. We guessed there might be a logging horse with its logger nearby. About 1 km down the trail I heard, “giddap”, the rattle of chains, a “gee” and then a “haw”.

Just before reaching the creek we would follow we sighted the husky draft horse pulling three sturdy logs down the steep mountain grade. The logger only used voice commands to control the horse down the steep grade. They were an amazing team.

physical-therapyDown the creek, over a bridge and through the forest past fresh bluebery bushes we reached the falls.

The story “grandpa” (my father in-law) told us was that owners of a chalet adjacent to the falls would place a low dam to hold water for a half hour or so at which time they would let the water rush down the falls in a torrent to make a good show.

I’m sure the falls drew more tourists becuase of this.

Today the sun was just coming out and and the picture isn’t the best.

The business lesson: If you can easily do something your customers like that keeps them coming back be sure you do it and do it every time!

best physical therapist

There was good food to eat compliments of the spa factory and my good wife. I would call them tasty wafers. They can be bought at a spa near here. If you use your imagination you can see our mouths watering as we munch these lightly sweet treats just outside the chalet adjacent to the falls.

These wafers are branded with the name of the spa that markets them. Business lesson: If you put your name on anything make it GOOD! If this is your PT practice have some services that feel absolutely like pampering.

If your make your clients feel like a million dollars they’re more likely to PAY you for the feeling! Nobody ever pays for physical therapy. They pay for the BENEFITS of that PT.

best physical therapy

Business lesson: One must stay on target if he or she is to succeed in the world of business.

Pictured at left is probably one of the greatest hunters in the world who has never killed more than a pesky pigeon.

That’s me in a deer hunting stand on stilts.

Actually at least three of the posts used to build the stand grew and are still rooted in the ground.

If I had to feed my family and had nothing else but a few bullets I would change my veggie ways but for now please pass the tofu. Those little deer are just too pretty.

The flip side is that here the hunting clubs feed the deer.

Rejuvenation and focus are what I’m up to here. I am working to get some projects done while here but am remembering it’s ok to relax and refresh. If you’re in the states right now you’re probably just waking up.

Regardless of what happens with banks or the economy if you help enough people get what they want you will rise to the top. I can’t take credit for that but I REALLY am looking forward to helping you achieve your dreams and goals. You can begin piece meal or go for it all!

As always it’s an honor and a sincere pleasure to serve you.

All the best,

Cash Practice Secrets