To have a successful physical therapy cash practice, one must prepare and plan for receiving it. Though I’m away from my in-home therapy practice, I am practicing what I preach about therapeutic wealth.

We PT’s need refreshment, and relaxation in order to BE therapeutic to our patients. I myself plan to get a little physical therapy treatment over here before getting back to work and will report on it too. I am working on my wife’s uncle’s computer and getting the pictures up takes a little doing but I’ll try to get them up as soon as possible. Come back and see the pictures as soon as you can. I’m going to try to add posts daily…

Plant the seeds of a cash practice as soon as you can. At the private practice section meetings in San Diego I heard the words, “The traditional physical therapy business plan is getting a little tired.” It takes about 30 times as much energy to get a new customer as to keep an existing customer.

With many physicians going to referral for profit this is an even greater challenge for the motivated PT. Follow up fitness and regular re-checks can be of great benefit to the patient. If you have a cash service that is beneficial and feels great when do you think would be the best time to introduce that to your patient. The answer comes from the forest I hiked today in the formerly communist Czech Republic but first a story…

During the communist era not even your own land was your own. My father-in-law lived in a small community where everybody knows everyone else. To fell even one of their own trees to use as needed was strictly forbidden. The alternative to having enough wood for heat in the winter was freezing to death so great grandpa went to the woods and a few stokes at a time and listening closely for the ranger he began to saw or chop down a tree.

Footfalls interrupted the silence just before he was ready to make the last of the few chops or saws required to fell the tree. Great grandpa looked up into the oncoming face of the ranger who stopped and spoke. Great grandpa knew he could be punished for working in woods that “weren’t his”. What would happen? “That’s a pretty big tree”, the ranger noted.

Beginning on his way he said over his shoulder, “Be careful when it falls so that no one gets hurt!”. The forest is quite healthy and gets planted harvested selectively and carefully. On my hike today I saw seedling trees planted to replenish the forest. I got a picture and hope to get it up. Patients and trees take tending to be healthy. I only “sell” to my patients because I entirely believe in the benefit of my therapy even if it isn’t covered by insurance. Find out what your patients want. Plant those seeds of success early and they’ll reward you.

Energy and Crystals and Summer Snow today

Toward the north slope of “kettle mountain“. I noted large patches of white in the shade of trees. A little later I saw this right close to where we were walking. Some of the crystals were adhering to the trees. I had gotten a bit thirsty and melted some of these in my mouth which relieved my thirst. Fresh wild blueberriess also helped with my mild hunger. While we were near the summit sure enough we got snowed on but it didn’t slow our progress.

The trails here are quite improved though they go to heights where farmers who were haying in the high meadow years ago perished when they got caught in a July snow storm.

Today’s adventure tood us to the head waters of the Elbe river which flows through the Czech Republic and Germany. The Vltava river, which runs through Prague, is a tributary farther downstream. There was some nice mosaic artwork adjacent to the spring which is where I got a picture with my wife. The mosaics were the coats of arms of all the communities served by that river. It was worth the trip.

Give your love freely as you go down life’s road. Love is just like that stream which brings life to all it comes near.

Give your appreciation freely to your patients. I look at my valued patients every time I see them and affirm, “It’s a real pleasure to see you today”. “I enjoy coming to see you!” I have to admit that when patients pay cash for their physical therapy it is pretty easy to remember what an honor an a pleasure it is to be of service to them as it is to you!

All the Best to YOU! Start Planning YOUR Vacation from your cash practice NOW!

All the best,

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