portal-unesco-org-culture.jpgFew of my cash-paying physical therapy clients have been better in a language other than English. When this has been the case, I have always tried to learn at least a bit of his or her primary language to good benefit.

As I am now, I try to learn every bit of every language I can whenever I can. This month it’s Czech. When I return stateside it will be back to improving my Spanish, maintaining my Czech and I’m tempted to learn some German too. This month’s blog posts have a lot of the benefits of my cash practice listed.

Today at a very pleasant gathering in the Czech republic, I had fun talking to a Spain-born lady and her local boyfriend primarily in Spanish, but also in English and a little bit in Czech. This is fun!

Learning that Spanish has given me another tool to make people feel good. Of course I try to upgrade my PT skills as much as I can but we must remember that making people feel good about us is a very good way for them to feel good themselves.

They will be more likely to pay us if we take a few minutes to hear what they’re interested. If you greet him or her in their mother or even in an acquired language that’s interesting to them they’ll think, “That therapist really cares about me.” Be genuine, make the effort and it will be more likely to pay cash for your services.

Today’s hike was to up to the base of the second and highest ski lift here where I’d seen a log cabin ( Say “srooob“, spelled “srub” in Czech and no I didn’t just look that up) being built. Actually it was an addition on a previously existing house but had interlocking logs that were being notched on the spot. Sorry but I didn’t get a picture. If I go back I bet it will be farther along.

Again if you seek to attract cash paying clients into your physical therapy business make a habit of showing genuine interest in the client especially when first meeting them each time.

Next outline your plan for that treatment and ask if there’s anything else they’d like you to address on that day. Before you leave go over your list and ask the patient if you covered everything they wanted you to cover or had something they wanted you to work on either this time or next time.

If you have a little extra time give them an extra like an upper shoulder massage while the client rests. In this way you are under promising and over delivering. Consistently exceed expectations and the money is a whole lot more likely to flow your way.

I’ve got lots more to share directly on the cash physical therapy subject and will be adding more daily. I’m pretty sure you’ll profit by reading further posts and beginning with our home study course on Cash Practice Secrets. It’s a jump start on your cash practice and a small sample of the full gold mine of how-to stories found in the unabridged Cash Practice Secrets home study course.

As always it’s an honor and a pleasure to serve you!

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