minnesota-monthly-com-media1.jpgIn a physical therapy cash practice your service should truly make your patients feel enriched. I experienced this while getting a single foot washed following a foot bath I received in a Naturopathic Doctor’s office.

I didn’t know his assistant was going to remove my foot from the bath to a single basin and rinse it off and then take the other foot out and give it the same treatment but I positively felt pampered.

I plan to look into this this treatment further but from how it made me feel treated in that office it was extremely positive. When we relieve aches and pains or help our patients get around better it should have the same effect. That is worth a tangible investment. Sometimes a valued therapy-provided service can be traded for a profit to both parties. Below I’ll write today’s example of that.

In a fine children’s museum here in the Czech Republic today, I saw a display of very very fine glass beads that could be woven into very fine artistic jewelry. If you’ve ever wondered where the Native, the native americans got their beads to make their fine works of art this is the place.

What if the European traders HADN’t traded with the native Americans? We’d never have seen those elaborate bead works that they have done. Both we and they would be and would have been poorer.

To get a client up on his or her feet even if there is a poor long term outlook IS an enriching experience when done skillfully as only we can do. Getting those smiles back on those clients faces even for just the length of the treatment is more effective than any anti-depressant on the market and can even be more economical.

Another good way to enrich both you and your client is trading services. Web-site design for therapy is a good trade. There are many other good services that can be traded. Try to think of some other good trades. Many in our course have traded services to good benefit. If you’re like to try before going all out toward a cash practice try the electronic course.

It’s enriching to be in touch with you.

All the best,

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