cash-physical-therapy-satisfaction-photobucket.gifIf you haven’t listened to my exclusive interview with Pat Croce which it is a “must hear”. He brought in $1500 cash at a time from his athletic training / physical therapy clients back at a time when a movie was $5 and a GOOD car cost less than $10,000. His customers kept coming back and telling their friends.

They did this because of his clinic’s superb service and follow up with clients. Sure you’ve got to put in your email to hear that message at Cash Practice Therapy but it’s a good investment. I’m going to give you one idea here that he didn’t share with me then that will increase what you learn there.

Try your hardest to get a WOW experience from EVERY customer you get at your clinic. One way Pat did this was by phone follow up. When you get a customer with a great experience ask them, “If your best friends were here right now would you introduce and recommend them for my services? Ninety percent says they’ll say yes.

When they say “yes” get the names and numbers of those friends or have a blank card for them to write a short note to their friends recomending your services. Copy that note before you send it and use it on your web-site or other promotional material. If you’ve been following my cash practice training series you’ll know what I do to be able to use every patients testimonial. I get permission to use it at the first visit. Always maintain confidentiality though.

I hope your day has been as peaceful as mine. I’m still vacationing in the Czech Republic where the weather is drippy. I got good news from my staff at home today which is nice too. Time does fly when your having fun. Earning the cash from physical therapy patients to pay for this vacation was fun too!

All the best,

Lance P. Van Arsdell, PT, MSPT
Cash Practice Secrets