physical-therapy-leisureWhat if you could get your future cash practice running even better than you imagined it ever could? It is possible if you will do what it takes to get the knowledge of a cash physical therapist to steer your clinic in that direction before there are further cuts from Medicare and other third party payers.

My cash practice continues to run while I’m on vacation in Europe. I think all of us want our practices to FREE us so if you like travel I’ll tell you a little more about my day. It is hard for me to avoid drawing practical business applications from my daily vacationer’s life lately so have a read!

Today after lunch here at our hilltop retreat I took the time to watch a very pleasant family movie. When the movie ended we took a long country walk to the house where the movie had been shot filmed. The place in fact looked better now than it did then.

The roof had been raised, the house painted and updated, but the grassy roof of the semi-underground cellar where the goat in the movie (it was about a cottage in the country) had been grazing was still there. The renovations to the movie house really had made it look good.

Still no other houses were visible from that house. Unfortunately I didn’t take my camera with me. The film was a Czech language film so I’m sure you wouldn’t know it. I enjoyed it via English sub titles. Incidentally the cottage we are staying has absolutely no traffic going by and no houses or building are visible from it either! It’s therapeutic for sure.

The business lesson: Visualize your cash based clinic. I say, “Dream it. Draw it. Do it!” That can be quite hard if you’re going it alone. It’s hard to know what would work unless you hear what does work from those of us that do it. It’s a lot easier to follow behind someone who’s done it already.

With the Cash Practice Secrets Home Study Course we have a team of 20 practice owners each doing a successful practice. They can be your trailblazers as you advance towards your dreams! You however must act by studying the home study course! You can do cash practice in no time!

All the best,

Lance P. Van Arsdell, PT, MSPT
Cash Practice Secrets