cash-physical-therapy-benefitsMost of my posts have a little more technical tips on Cash Practice PT but this one will literally focus on the benefits. Very few of us PT’s should work out all the time so I am on a European vacation of the European length – a lot longer than typical American vacationers vacations. We even had a “vacation” on our vacation.

We left Friday and toured Cesky Krumlov which is a MUST SEE. Here’s the link to some of the photos that nowhere nearly do justice to the beauty of the place.

Saturday and Sunday we spent the day at a lakeside retreat which worked out well. We hiked around the ski hills on Saturday and I took a long electric boat ride on Sunday. This link is a little harder to make work but here’s one link that MAY work. I’m pretty sure you’ll have to browse on the left side to “rent sports equipment” to see the yellow and white boat I piloted. FUN!

This is made possible by my cash practice. It can be possible for you as well if you will take the time to get the knowledge to be a cash practice physical therapist.

All the best,

Lance P. Van Arsdell, PT, MSPT
Cash Practice Secrets