cash-physical-therapy-massageIn a country where you can find a sign for “masaze” or a spa on nearly every corner I finally got one today. I feel very relaxed and not sore which is how I like it.

I’ll try to share some pictures if I can but it won’t be tonight as it’s getting late for me. You my fellow Americans, have several hours of work ahead of you likely but I’m headed to bed. I’m not doing any hands-on physical therapy for over another week!

I DO recommend getting treated yourself by another PT on a wellness basis and my family HAS been treated by a physical therapist on a wellness basis. That PT is Lori Zeltwanger of Sedona, AZ. Her practice is called “Advanced Release Therapy“.

Check it out! Lori’s practice is in a beautiful setting with windows looking out at awesome red rocks. She happens to be a contributor to our physical therapy course and does have a cash practice.

Once again do treat yourself to some wellness therapy. This way you’ll be practicing what you preach!

It is an honor and a privilege being in touch.

All the best,

Lance P. Van Arsdell, PT, MSPT
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