cash-practice-secrets-flicker.jpgDo you like to go to successful hair salons or to salons that are just getting by? As physical therapists needing to increase the cash into our practices it is important to live the healthy life.

This includes taking time off for yourself and your family as well exercising for your own health. I know I’m preaching to the choir. Here’s how I lived a the 27th of September pretty well true to those principles.

This is still the 27th of September about 8:00 p.m. here on the Northern edge of a lake that is created by damming up the Vltava river. From near the shore of the 25 km long lake we can see a windmill across the border in Austria that rotates about 14 times per minutes by my timing.

The lake’s water also generates a good amount of hydro electric power.About an hour North of here we passed a nuclear power plant with four huge cooling towers. You’d think that electricity might be a good deal here but really it’s quite expensive. Almost no one has a clothes dryer. They all hang clothes up to dry. In snow ski country this can be a job so most hang it inside.

The air quality where we are is good. This is a resort area though and there are few year-round residences. We are here enjoying this resort town compliments of my wife’s cousin. They have added considerably more sleeping area to the condo as well as divided it so two families plus their own can all enjoy the place.

They make it economically feasible by renting out the units for three months in the summer and one month in the winter. They also built six electric boats which they rent out for tourists. You could roll out of bed and coast to the lake from here and within three minutes could walk to the bottom ski lift.

Unlike much of Europe this place has been developed recently. It has all the amenities a resort town should have. It is clean and new. The biggest blessing however is that all the family members are clean and nice.

None of my wife’s family members smokes and they are all hard working and inventive. We have had no trouble with drunkenness of family members on this trip either. This is no small feat as the Czech Republic consumes the highest per capita alcohol amount of anywhere in the world.

In the pursuit of the very best low-stress cash practice it is good to upgrade the people you hang out with. Also upgrade your “neighbors’ neighbor” to the highest level of health possible. This will help you attract people who want to be like you.

As a health practitioner it is of utmost importance to practice what you preach. Our exercise today was walking half way around the ski resort. It was cool but I found myself stripping down to my T-shirt on the way up the hill and bundling back up on the way down. We saw some all season bobsleds being towed uphill before quick trips down the metal chutes. Looked like fun! Have a Fun Day!

All the best,

Lance P. Van Arsdell, PT, MSPT
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