cash-physical-therapy-publicityExcellent physical therapy skills plus excellent publicity equal the potential for a cash practice that leaves you feeling “therapeutic” at the end of the day. Expensive paid mass media advertising largely isn’t a part of cash-paid physical therapy.

Free publicity however is nearly priceless. This can be in the form of radio interviews, TV spots, or articles you write for targeted local papers or newsletters.

Larger cities however may ask you to buy advertising in order to write an article for their paper. That has never agreed very well with me. If you’re good at writing and put the word out, your copy will eventually get picked up. See the previous post and my physical therapy practice site for proof.

Scott Musgrave, a cash-pay PT and excellent (I know because I spent a day with him in February) PRRT practicioner, got a very good radio interview in Denver. Here’s the cash practice podcast for the first hour which I edited to about 20 minutes.

Scott also has a link to the interview (two hours on everything from real estate to law to PT) on wellness and performance. I am making the files available to Scott and likely will remove the audio files from this site soon so enjoy listening now!

Here’s another link for the physical therapy podcast content in the second hour which also takes about 20 minutest to play.

I would also like to thank John Iams, PT . John developed the “Primal Reflex Release Technique” which I have found to be quite helpful with my customers as well. John is both skilled and sincere.

If you acquire the skills and the knowledge and keep your “gumption” to get your message out you can have a cash practice. Our cash physical therapy practice course is an accelerator to that pleasant end. These days cash practice business and practice skills are a MUST!

All the best,

Lance P. Van Arsdell, PT, MSPT
Cash Practice Secrets