physical therapy marketingToday, blogs have two uses – advertising and making money online. These two uses depend on each other. Through advertising, blogs can be a money-making machine. Without blogs, there is no place for advertising. In physical therapy, marketing is not that easy since the target market is specific to age groups and health conditions.

Physical therapy marketing needs a lot of effort to attract, serve and retain customers. Positive feedback from previous customers is essential because it proves you, as a physical therapist has provided service with satisfaction guaranteed. Remember, the customer is always right and what they say to others matter most.

With the power of blogs, positive customer feedback is more enhanced with a combination of text, images, videos and audios that can show proof of how exactly you have performed the service and what your clients felt during that experience.

Blogs readers are allowed to comment or email you directly of what they think on your blog post, it depends on your preferences. If you want your blog to be interactive, allow readers to comment right on the blog post. If you want to talk to your readers personally, just tell them to email you for their concerns.

For physical therapists, you can blog about your private practices, the products you offer and guidelines that you want to share to the world. In that way, you can keep touch to your readers and you will be surprised that you have just created a community of physical therapists and physical therapy patients. The community respects you based from your expertise that can have the possibility of turning them into customers.

Some reasons why blogs are good for physical therapy marketing are Google-friendly, easy to set-up and affordable. You can even set-up a blog for free but free blogs have limited features. I said it was Google-friendly because blogs can top Google queries for specific keywords. Anyone can be online through blogs.

All the best,

Lance P. Van Arsdell, PT, MSPT