at-home-pt-courses2.jpgMany therapists are always wondering what the secrets to cash practice success are. Google searches are a very good way to find those secrets.

One secret that is very effective not only for cash practice but for anything under the sun is to take a home study course. In physical therapy, home study courses can help physical therapists to infuse more cash in their careers. This is the cutting edge of education.

Physical therapists taking home study courses do not need to reschedule sessions with their patients just to attend special classes anymore. Physical therapists taking home-study courses can study and work anytime and anywhere. Nobody controls them but themselves.

Through taking and applying the right home-study courses, physical therapists from new grads to specialists can learn to become independent. They can learn from the triumphs and mistakes of others not just from their own mistakes.

Home study courses created by other physical therapists always stay on-topic. Home study courses save the expense of an airline ticket which can be substantial. With the right home study course you’ll never “go home disappointed”. I once sponsored a class that left me feeling disappointed though it was well-attended. I regretted that I had enrolled and sponsored that course. Though others felt good about the course, it just didn’t meet my needs.

In my case, I never expected to be this successful. In order to help other physical therapists, I interviewed a multi-millionaire physical therapist and decided to share the info and start my own training, Cash Practice Secrets. You can hear that great interview for free on our web-site. My home study course is my secret to cash physical therapy practice success. You can unlock and apply the secrets or ignore them. It is up to you.

All the best,

Lance P. Van Arsdell, PT, MSPT