marketing-recession1.jpgDuring this global economic crisis how can one even THINK of doing cash-pay physical therapy?  I NEVER wanted to hear of over 500,000 U.S. workers losing their jobs in a a single month?  As these workers lose their jobs their ability to pay for their own health insurance premiums decreases.  Many physical therapy clinics are experiencing a decrease in new patients and many clients are canceling their P.T. visits due to rising copays.  A local physical therapy clinic owner I visited last week (who incidentally sent me a cash-paying patient I’ve been treating since May) reported that his number of new patients for the year had gone up but his revenues had gone down.  He’d had to cut therapists’ salaries in order to avoid lay-offs.  He also reported that their cost of collection was about 6% (in-house) and their percentage collected was about 85%.  Many countries have many companies that are laying off employees.

Every “problem” can be seen as a challenge.  Every challenge is no more than a situation that may in fact need to be attended to.  If you are a physical therapist with a little extra time on your hands due to the recession it can be a great opportunity for you.  I heartily recommend our own “Cash Physical Therapy Secrets” home study course.  The intro is both excellent and free.  When you sign up for our “online training” you’ll really be glad.  Invest in our course and you’ll likely earn more than you did last year and feel better about it.  I’m trying out a free clinical home study course and will let you know how it makes MY “no longer 21 year old joints” feel.  If you’re still BUSY at work or busy studying to be a PT learn all you can to prepare you for possibly tougher times ahead.  You can only reap what you sow so…. Sow Seeds of Success!

All of us physical therapists must think of ourselves as marketers.  We should always be thinking of ways ways to boost sales. Here’s what physical therapy marketers should do during the period of recession:

  • Reflect on what has been done.
  • Analyze the problems that have encountered.
  • Review goals.
  • Research your product and services.
  • Adjust your budget.
  • Learn how to stand out among others.
  • Make an exceptional offer to all your clients.

While having a cup of coffee, take a piece of paper and write down what needs to be done. Mark priorities and focus on them. Make these goals time sensitive.  Think positive no matter what happens and you will survive during the period of recession.

All the best,

Lance P. Van Arsdell, PT, MSPT
Cash Physical Therapy Secrets