I appreciate appreciation. Somehow with my cash-paying physical therapy clients I get appreciation more frequently and profusely than I did while relying on third party payers. Here’s an example from last Tuesday.

Lance (by cell phone): “I’ll be there to see your husband in ten minutes Mrs. Smith”.

Mrs. Smith: “Sounds good”! “See you then!” .

Ten minutes later I rang their doorbell, opened the door as usual and my jaw crashed to the carpet. The eighty plus year-old Mr. Smith was sprawled out in front of, instead of IN his recliner. I gasped.

Before I could say anything Mr. Smith piped, “How are you?”. He was thinking of ME first!

He was fine! He had simply slid down and out of his well padded recliner to the floor due to uncontrolled movements related to his progressive neurological condition. Maybe this wouldn’t be a bad hair day after all. His good wife suggested we exercise with him while on the floor and minutes later we were into our established progressive routine.

Today Mr. Smith, who couldn’t sit up, feed himself or live at home six months ago, walked across that same floor with the walker and some help. It had to have been a positive feeling for him too. Would any third party payer have paid for the six months of therapy required to enable this? I don’t think so. Has it been a value? His wife and he both agree that it has been.

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Lance P. Van Arsdell, PT, MSPT