hand-giving-hope.jpg“Try to give them hope”. “This is my Christmas gift to Dad”. “MY Christmas gift will be the next eight visits”. “Mine will be the next eight!” Those lines were spoken by a friend of the family who met me in the driveway, the patient’s’ eldest daughter, the patient’s wife, and the patient’s youngest daughter respectively all between 1:1o and 2:05 p.m. this afternoon.

Yesterday after telling the patient’s daughter Marie how much it they could save by buying eight visits in advance she said, “That’s a good deal!” . My fees are about 25% above the Medicare fee schedule.

After Wilbur’s first and second walk in over 6 weeks a mighty cheer went up from the family. Wilbur, my newest cash paying patient has a VERY good chance at improving his function no matter if he is on hospice.

From what I learned at a lecture I tonight I think that the scientific answer to how this positive physical change is possible in a positive environment and with a positive attitude will one day be explained by stem cells and genes. For now the family wants to give him the best opportunity for success. The daughter making the initial investment drove over an hour to be there and pay me with her own check.

Inspiration for All of Us

Let’s be even more positive and supportive of our OWN families. They are our real treasures. If we can make life better for our loved ones even for a few minutes or days let’s do it. I want you to have experiences like mine which is why I developed the Cash Practice Secrets home study course. I know Christmas is coming but if I gave you the course it wouldn’t work. You wouldn’t value it. Today’s experience however was priceless!

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All the best,

Lance P. Van Arsdell, PT, MSPT
Cash Physical Therapy Secrets