Forming and maintaining good relationships are the keys to any business.

My most recent cash paying customers came to me by the referrals of both a successful care home owner and a PT clinic.  I am a genuinely friendly but not overly outgoing therapist and and keep in touch with both.  I have sent both of them holiday cards.  I treated the care home owner for free once when his back was really bothering him.   That was a half an hour well spent because that care home owner works hard to help me when he can.  He knows that Medicare and other insurances will only pay for so much and is considerate to call me for those clients for whom there is no other option but cash.

Next time I’ll go over word of mouth “advertising” and how to leverage it.  ( coming detail: If you want to hear how to leverage word of mouth advertising in my interview with multi-millionaire PT Pat Croce click here to check out and then click to subscribe to our free email / internet training.)

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Lance P. Van Arsdell, PT

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