When was the last time you read a book or went to a movie?  Chances are it was because a friend recommended it to you.  This so-called network “marketing” is very effective.  Getting your patients to spread the good news of your great PT service is the primary way for you to become established as a cash pay PT world.  In the cash pay realm you MUST be really great at at least a few techniques of PT.  Some work better than others.  If they have the flavor of “alternative” or “holistic” care it may be a little easier for potential clients to feel like paying you for them but more on that in a future post.

The three things that are necessary for getting your practice to “go viral” are 1) committing to giving your patients a “WOW” experience  2) Recording that “WOW” as it comes from your patients and 3) Spreading the word in every allowable method possible.  In Pat Croce’s clinic he sent every referrer a thank-you card for the patients they referred.  He got the reports to the doctor the next day and he called the new clients the night of their first visit to make sure they understood the exercises.   The above is a system that can and WILL work for you.

We are camping in our trailer out this week due to water damage in our house.  (AAck!)  Every minus has a plus and it has been REALLY nice to be out with the cacti and coyotes and birds and family.  In fact it’s been what I call “therapeutic”.  I am thankful to “The Hartford” for good homeowners insurance.  I did take time out to attend Tom Dalonzo Baker’s “Total Motion Release” seminar last Sunday.  It was a nice surprise to see one of our contributors (Cash Practice PT’s) in attendance.  The good news is that she is now ready to transition from being 6-7/8 cash to 100% cash fee at the time of service.  It’s such a blessing to be helping PT’s achieve their dreams and goals.


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