Red MountainCash paying physical therapy clients all want the best care delivered as skillfully as possible.  By giving them the best therapy you are enabling them to get back to their lives sooner and probably saving them a lot of money.  When the call for cash pay PT comes you must be ready.  Last Thursday at 8:28 a.m. according to my cell phone I got a call from a potential cash paying client’s son who was down visiting from Calgary.  He’d seen my link on the AZ PTA website and called my cell phone.  I wasn’t able to talk longer than a minute but called him back at the end of my session.

“What’s your “Premium Plan”(He’d seen my website) …..  “Can you come to our house tomorrow and tell us your plan of what you can do for my dad?” .  Though the rest of my day was booked I had the 8:00 slot open.   Friday morning I donned my tie and strode up to the house’s wooden 10-foot door.  When it easily swung open I smiled as I beheld the most verdant colorful view of Red Mountain I’d ever seen.  From the glass dining table I answered their questions and inquired as to the potential patient’s interests and hobbies.  I checked out their home environment for safety and gave the recommendations I’d give my own family members which was for 5-day per week therapy initially.   A couple of coyotes sauntered by just outside their property line and 4-foot plus iron bars above that fencing.  The son also reported that javelinas are quite big there too.

“Do you take Visa and American Express”?

“Yes”. ” I do however ask for the payment in advance.  It’s one way I keep the cost so low.”

“I don’t want my parents to pay for this.  Money isn’t a problem.”

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As usual I’m wishing you Therapeutic Wealth,

Lance P. Van Arsdell, PT

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