Yesterday at 9:25 I got a call from a previous patient’s power of attorney in Indiana.  She said her aunt’s house had sold and she wanted to spend her money on things her aunt would actually enjoy rather than just things to clutter up her apartment.  I heartily agreed as that’s how I treat my parents now and how I intend to treat them when they can’t do things for themselves.  That wasn’t a good time for me to talk so I asked her to go to my website to see what she’d like to buy for her aunt.  I don’t take her HMO so cash is the only route for her with me.  I asked, “When would be a good time for me to call you back?”.  She thought that today(Sunday) about the same time would be good.  I hung up, put a reminder into my cell phone to beep when it got to be 9:30 today.  When the reminder beeped on my cell phone for me to call her I picked up the phone and called.  “That was good timing”! came her voice from the other end.  “I think I’d like her to have the 20 visits for $2500 package.  She’ll enjoy that more than a big screen TV and it will help her to enjoy life more.”

I’m still learning to give value but give great care, keep in touch and the rewards will come back to you if you are prepared to receive them.

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