Check Deposited Today  Here’s only ONE cash PT payment I got

today. (Sorry the image is gone) If you wanted me to SHOW YOU the MONEY there it is(was)!

That’s just one check I deposited today for 20 PT visits.  See my website for details.  The other “cash” I was paid today was for eight visits but that was swiped into my credit card machine.  At 9:15 a.m. another POA for a soon to be discharged pt. found what I charged and very likely will continue her client with cash-paid PT.  All cash payments I receive for PT are in advance or at the time of service.  It takes too much time and energy to chase the money.  Someday you may see a picture of my coming cash-pay client and me on this blog or on my web-site but I’ll get back on track here.

“Show me the money!”  That’s what I told a MLM representative several years ago who was selling me on the idea of prepaid phone cards.  “Show me the money!  If it’s not worth it I don’t want to do it.”  Well the representative who came to me with one of my recently- discharged PT patients DID “show me the money” (copies of the commission checks written out to his immediate upline) and I thereby wasted a couple of hours of life’s most precious gift – time.   Sure I got a phone card out of the deal but If I had focused on my primary business – Cash – Paid PT – I would have gotten ahead a lot sooner.

Stay tuned here but remember the “accellerator package” which is investing in yourself!

Lance P. Van Arsdell, PT

Cash Physical Therapy Secrets