As you can see from the photo in the previous post I do enjoy (I love to have fun) working with the elderly.  If the senior has an HMO, cash-paid physical therapy is his or her own option.  I tell them where they can get therapy elsewhere but find that many times they’re willing to pay me well to see them for therapy.

In many cases the person who pays the bills can’t be present for the therapy sessions so I use my cell phone (I do house-calls) and text (usually a few words only)/ picture message them at least once per week.  This is only safe to do with explicit written permission but it really increases appreciation.

Today I practiced putting with a cash pay client for whom I was a day early in a large assisted living facility.  I called the patient’s spouse afterwards to report on what we’d done.  She REALLY appreciated it.  I appreciate my cash paying clients because they enable me to have the life I choose to have.   Putting that appreciation in writing will help your cash pay side grow!  Linda Bruseth in our Cash Physical Therapy Secrets home study course really takes this the next level.  When’s the last time one of your patients handed you a check $800-2500 as advance payment?

Have a Profitable and Therapeutic Week!

Lance P. Van Arsdell, PT, MSPT

Cash Pay PT