If you want to know where to open a cash physical therapy practice it is important to open it where the cash is.  I have written about thy why of this in a previous post.

Here’s how to find where the money is:

1) Go to www.wikipedia.org

2) In their search window type the name of  the city you’re thinking of opening your practice.

For Example if you type in “Payson, AZ” you’ll find that the median income for a family is $38,713.  One of our course contributors opened her cash practice in a seniors-only mobile home park.  Now she’s expanded to having built a clinic on her home which is on horse property.  Her fees were the most reasonable of any in our course and her cash percentage is 65% .  This is quite  respectable but is also the lowest in our course.  Cindy, our PT course contributor is GOOD!  I met her through one of her patients who said, “Try to learn what she does!”

I live and choose to work in Mesa, AZ doing house calls.  Type in Mesa, AZ and you’ll get a median family income of $49, 232.  I can pay all my household and work expenses on what I earn from my cash clients.   It feels awfully good to deposit $800-2500 at a time in advance for the visits I do.

Another of our course contributors has a 100% cash fee at or before the time of service in Corvallis, OR.  Type that into the wikipedia search window and you’ll find a median family income of $53,208.  Now this is a  little better area but our PT course contributor there is a GREAT PT.   If you aspire to be a cash-paid PT you must be great.

Now if you want to be where the money REALLY is look to where our politicians live and thereabouts.  Jennifer Gamboa, PT who practices in Arlington, VA, runs a cash practice.  Type Arlington, VA into your wikipedia search window and you’ll find under the demographics section the median family income is $127,179.

If you live in Anytown, USA and can’t find a place with high enough incomes to support your dreams, remember:

1) You don’t need that many cash PT patients to have what I call a “Therapeutic” life.  If you do GREAT therapy and learn from the best you can leverage their word of mouth to those that can afford it.

2) A cash physical therapy practice can be a huge savings to those even without insurance.  If you can get your patients feeling a lot better or knowing what to do about it in 1-6 visits, you can save them a lot of money. You also earn considerable “Therapeutic Wealth” part of which is the great feeling that people really, really value your services.

Lance P. Van Arsdell, PT

Physical Therapy Cash Home Study Course