Awesome barber shop / mobile office with cedars and deer fencingThe absolute most satisfaction I’ve had on this trip has been referring a new cash-paying physical therapy client to one of my cash practice secrets students who happens to live near me in “the valley”.  It took some doing to get them together but my mobile office came through again.  All right I wasn’t in that awesome barber chair that is shown in the picture but I was a passenger in our minivan when I got the work done.  What my student couldn’t believe is that people actually would pay that much to get therapy from her.  Face it.  You’re worth it!

I also have been in contact with the two other PT’s that are seeing my other cash paying clients thanks to Alltel/Verizon.  Wifi here at our awesome cabin is a big plus.  I like to keep these posts current so this is where my feet drew me today.  Ever since my embryonic days I have gravitated toward water.  If I’d had my swimming trunks with me I’d have been out in this lake at least for a little bit.  I also love having a good view.  The pictures don’t do this place justice at all. Pend O'reille Lake