“Riiinngg” my trusty flip phone’s reminder echoed back and forth off the immense log walls of our bed and breakfast cabin in the north woods this morning just before our sumptuous breakfast.  One of my faithful cash-paying patients was having a birthday today and my cell phone system reminds me to give them a call.  I can hardly describe the joy it is to work with this family and had to do something special for him.  The patient only can say a few words at a time due to a progressive neurologic condition and he is on an HMO which allows me to accept the cash.  When I knew he’d be up I called and sang (with help) happy birthday to him over the phone.  I also sent emails with a picture of our trip along with a birthday greeting.  I am a good physical therapist but everything I know can be learned and repeated.

Why did I cry?  Our well appointed cabin comes with a lot of good reading material.  I grew up reading Patrick F. McManus’ hilarious hyperbole and picked up a copy of one of his more recent books near the doorway of our cabin.  My wife told me I probably would read the whole book and she wasn’t far from being right.  I laughed sooo hard there were tears streaming down my face many times.  It really was therapeutic.  If you sent one of these books home with your patients every week I’m pretty sure they’d come back happier no matter the physical therapeutic results.  I love to have fun with my patients.  Laughing a lot myself makes it easier.  If you need a laugh click the button below to buy the set for your clinic.  It will be the most fun business investment/expense you’ve had yet this year.