The right words can make your physical therapy and personal lives feel absolutely wonderful.   Recording and publishing the right words from your PT clients can make the road to your inevitable cash practice tilt in your favor.

I am a good therapist but everything I know as a cash-paid physical therapist can be learned.  I am well-paid for my visits but some of the best “payments” I get are the kind words that come from my patients.   Before we came on our vacation I recorded some patient testimonials on my camcorder.   I’ve just put some of them on youtube(TM) so if you click here you can hear and see what one of my cash-paying patients says about me.   To hear another click here.

Gather testimonials from your patients daily if possible.   A marketer earning $50-60,00/month told me by phone, “Facts tell, testimonials SELL”.   What besides your physical therapy services could be a better value?  Get testimonials from your patients on video, voice recording (you can do this on your cell phone or ipod(tm) probably), or at least jot them down from the “S” in your “SOAP” notes.  Get your patients’ written permission to publish them.

“I wish we could stay here forever!” my firstborn exclaimed up as I gave the tire swing a hearty push yesterday afternoon.   I wish we could stay here forever too – at least until the first snowfall.   The atmosphere at this fantastic bed and breakfast is superb.  Our hosts are possibly the most gracious gourmet breakfast cooks I’ve ever met.  Kids love the ponies, dogs, and cats.  They like watching the llama, sheep, and chickens.  They collect the eggs (when they can find them) and then we eat the eggs.  We’ve even fished in the creek.  I dug the worms from the compost pile myself.  My wife told me I needed a shower after that.  As I type from my forest-view bed the woods are truly “lovely, dark and deep”, but I do “have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep”.