Ever slept in a castle?  Was it made of great stones or blankets and chairs on the living room floor as mine were on Saturday afternoons when I was a young boy.

I’ve seen and visited a lot of castles in Europe but the one I resided in a while back in Oregon was incredible.  You might think that the owners would be some high falutin’ snobby hard folks but they are just as warm and friendly as the owners of my blanket castles.

I’m typing this from the great room looking at the tallest trees to the left and rear of the picture as I type.  Hopping bunnies, purring kitties, licking dogs, and curious chickens guard the perimeter.  Everyone here is friendly.

So what’s the moral of the story?  As you know I practice and teach about cash based physical therapy. You also probably have figured out that I take a lot of long vacations.  I pay for many of the accommodations and fees but many of them are free and this is how the accommodations have been the last two nights.  My gracious hosts have a stucco sprayer small business providing equipment that makes it a lot quicker to apply stucco than by trowel.   It is approximately twice as fast to use their equipment to apply plaster and stucco than to do it by trowel.   Now if you have a great way with patients and good techniques to get people better faster and more permanently people will pay for it.  Don’t be ashamed to ask for money if you’re providing a great service.  Once you’ve done it once it’s easier the second time.   When blessings come your way do be sure to pass them on in other ways.   Great hospitality is certainly a good way to do this.

Lance P. Van Arsdell, PT

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