While taking a little “personal time” a while back I looked up at “Life’s Little Instructions” framed on the bathroom wall and read, “Use the good dishes.  Live life as an exclamation and not an explanation.  Have a dog.”   I apply that wisdom by eating in the dining room twice daily, celebrating EVERY accomplishment and yes by having a dog.  Our sweet as honey dog has more than enough wags, snuggles, and love to go around for our whole family and more.  She definitely is “therapeutic”.   Having her has also taught me the importance of being a consistently good leader.  Good dog training has kept her from jumping up and breaking grandma’s hips.  You’ve got to be the leader!   The reward is being able to say like Pat Croce, PT, “I Feel GREAT!”.  When you feel great that will automatically transfer to not only your dog but also to those you care about including your customers and potential customers.