It's therapeutic to have a buddy!

I think that “Life’s Little Instructions” that I referred to in my previous post, could have said to ” Have a Dog OR have a cat. We have a dog and the dog has a cat. Our dog “Daisy” is practicing to be a mommy dog so indeed if her pedigreed pups come out healthy we’ll REALLY be following “Life’s Little Instructions”.  Scott Van Niekerk’s cash physical therapy clinic  is staffed by awesome physical therapists and two dogs that wag and lick any willing patient. The dogs are part of the ambience of the clinic. I do housecall PT so being nice to my patients’ dogs is therapeutic for me and I think the patients appreciate it too. In case you’re interested in an awesome golden retriever puppy you can visit my dog training facebook page which mostly stars our golden retriever.  This will give you an idea of how nice a healthy golden retriever can be to own.