cash-practice-secrets-i-pbase-com-image.jpgAt the supper table my firstborn looked at my dessert plate and asked, “Why do you have two pieces and I only have one”? As my darling wife had been the one to put the puffed whole wheat (similar to Rice Krispy Treats but better with chocolate) scrumptious desserts on the plate I didn’t know.

“Maybe it’s because I’m twice as big as you are or maybe the other piece is for Mommy”. “Maybe it’s because you’re the captain of this house”, she pleasantly offered. From the opposite end of the table my second born looked at me in disagreement. “You’re not the captain of this house….”

Well then I wonder who she thinks IS “the captain of our house”? We don’t have a lot of others to choose from. “You’re not the captain of this house” she continued. “You’re the KING”!

I want all my physical therapist friends to feel like kings and queens. Only YOU can decide what to do next. I’d love to introduce myself to you in our Cash Physical Therapy Practice Secrets home study course. More than that I want to publish YOUR testimonial in my next book!

All the best,

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