cash-physical-therapy-kim-and-jason-com-blog.jpgOne Wednesday I passed the American Council on Exercise’s (ACE) Personal Trainer examination at Phoenix College here in the “Valley of the Sun”. I believe this allows me to put the letters “CPT” (Certified Personal Trainer?) behind my name in addition to my physical therapist designations of which “P” and “T” always go first here in AZ before the graduate letters.

The personal trainer exam was a four hour exam including 150 multiple choice questions dealing with percentages of body “adipose”, Karvonen Formula, best monitoring techniques etc..

One question dealt with who the best practicioner to deal with a sports-related injury would be. One of the choices was athletic trainer or exercise physiologist specializing in sports injuries and one of the other options was a physical therapist.

Points or no points at stake I COULD NOT LIE. Another question related to who the best professional would be to treat someone recovering from a stroke. Of course I made the right choice!

We PT’s are therapeutic but where is the true wealth and sense of well-being going? We must offer such superior services that such questions on a personal training exam would be considered much too easy.

Passing that exam with a 96% in the assessment section was certainly therapeutic and sharing the secrets of true wealth is my passion.

All the best,

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