Daisy's Thanksgiving Puppies! We are delighted to announce the arrival of our new doggies!  They, like you, are of “champion bloodlines”.  In a cash physical therapy practice your greatness is rewarded at or before the time of service by payment!  Can you imagine how much you’d have to pay for dog grooming if the groomer had to submit a bill and wait months for payment?  In a physical therapy practice you need to multiply or leverage your results.  Commit to growing your practice every month.  You don’t need to hire a new therapist every month but work on your business to increase your cash paying patients.  Sure hope you had a GREAT Thanksgiving and that by next year you will be even more prosperous.  The Cash Physical Therapy Secrets home study course is an accelerator package for your prosperity.  Our current Cash Physical Therapy  Secrets / Physical Therapy Cash Secrets course sale ends Monday.  So click here to check it out now.  Aren’t those puppies adorable?  This page tells more about how to train your dog and features our Daisy the mother of the new puppies, plus a lot about dog training and care.
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