cash-practice-secrets-wellness-and-performance.jpgIf you could pay $150 to calm your pain from an 8/10 to a 0-1/10 within an hour would you? I would. What if the treatment seemed “different” and even hot packs for back or hip pain were placed away from those locations?

Last Friday I made a special trip to observe Scott’s practice and see how he’s establishing value. I wanted to see what value building practices he’s implementing that are shared in our Cash Physical Therapy Practice Secrets Home Study Course.

Out of 3 clients with varying levels of pain no one left his office with significant pain after his or her hour of treatment!

If you have pain I recommend going to Scott’s wellness and performance website even if it means an investment of time and travel. Scott is located toward the foothills west of Denver. Keep up the good work Scott!

Scott Musgrave, PT – Wellness and Performance 8340 Sangre De Cristo Road, Suite 202, Littleton, CO 80127 303-932-1101

All the best,

Cash Practice Secrets