Participating in the Spokane Bloomsday 2018 race was totally worth the less than $25 it cost to enter it! Totally worth the 3.5 hours to drive there. Totally worth the sore muscles.  It’s really like a 7.46 mile progressive party with a new choir or band entertaining you every little bit, friendly people offering you water or even free frozen otter pops, ice, , cooling sprays from their hoses, doughnuts, cheers, smiles and countless other gestures of goodwill to “The Bloomies”. The best part was sharing it with my daughter.  You can see we met up with several friends at the end which was the icing on the cake.  By the way my Samsung Health app was off on the distance by 25% instead of a mere 10% or less as I had expected.  It could be that I didn’t have all the settings correct.  One of my Achilles tendons pops a protest to my run every now and then but the smiles far outweigh the soreness.  The happiness was worth the huffing and puffing!  Lets do it together next year!