cash-practice-secrets-no-insurance-surgery-com-hernia.jpgAt 9:40 this morning, I was 10 minutes behind schedule to my customer who has paid me at least $3000 for his physical therapy. His wife was sitting in his wheelchair. He was still in bed. They are super nice folks but thanks to his wife he gets every second of good out of my therapy for her husband.

I give it my best but knew I was late. Striding up to the bed of my seriously ill client, I gave him a smile and before I could say anything he told ME,…. “Happy Birthday!”

He got it right! He turns 83 late next week on a day I’m not scheduled to see him. Guess who I’ll call and wish if not sing Happy Birthday for. I’ve already programmed my phone to remind me to call him. He made MY day and I sure hope to make his. I can’t figure it out but the patients that pay directly for therapy really seem to be the most appreciative. In fact that one made me feel like a million dollars!

If YOUR day was at least half as good as mine it was great! Very good things happened today related to what you might call relationship marketing. It is 10:40 p.m. so I’d better tell you about the method and results next time.

All the best,