Happy Memorial Day!

To boost your endorphin level, listen to this 16-minute video with Pat Croce (PT). It will make you laugh and think! Pat Croce is a Cash PT Course Contributor and if you want to hear the $40 million dollar advice Pat has for PT’s today, “opt in” at Cash Physical Therapy Practice Secrets.  Yes, I know it’s a process. You’ll have to go back and check your email to get the link to the interview, but I value your privacy and I don’t spam.

As always it’s an honor and a pleasure writing to you. Have a GREAT Day!

P.S. I told you I’d share a little more about the good PT marketing results I’m having but this is a special day. The key is follow up. Develop a simple system for following up with your potential customers. To get regular encouragement kindly try out “subscribing” (see the link at right) to this blog. It will be good practice for how you might keep in friendly touch with YOUR customers and potential customers.

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