cash-medical-practice-appraisal-com.jpgMy next door neighbor, Dave, has developed a conveniently packaged protein powder supplement drink largely marketed to the military. He is extremely faithful in pumping iron, boxing the punching bag and jogging regularly. He has named the supplement quite appropriately. No, I don’t get a commission to write this.

In physical therapy, most beginning practice owners will beat the streets to “get the word out” and finally get some referral sources. After that, they stop marketing to those referral sources. This is something like a man’s getting married and then forgetting how to complement, hold hands, affectionately touch and kiss his wife and has the same results.

Referral sources and spouses become aloof and disconnected. We all tend to have a “What have you done for me lately?” mentality and if it’s nothing, your good will has disintegrated. Doctors (not always the best referral sources for a cash pay business) and patients (great referral sources for cash pay physical therapy) alike all LOVE to hear how great they are and how much you appreciate them.

The music they want to hear is how great they are, NOT how great you are. Let your patients do the talking on the latter and make it easy for them to remember you by remembering them first. By the way the name of that supplement is “Never Quit”.

All the best,

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