cash-practice-secretsThis post is by my fellow PT and friend Scott Van Niekerk, who is a contributor to both the cash practice secrets electronic version and the book / CD version of our physical therapy study course. He has a thriving multi-specialty cash practice and an excellent mind for organization. The post below (Part 1 of 2) refers to web copy but really relates to ALL ad copy. Those YouTube videos of his are also great. Give yourself about an hour to watch all of them or try one per week but make sure you use the info! – Lance

Focus on Benefits rather than features!

In our cash practice video, we talk a lot about focusing on benefits rather than features. This article takes a slightly different and unique look at “benefits” focusing more on the emotional needs of a website viewer, your potential patient / customer. As a therapist or healing artist, you work with people who are struggling with emotional, physical, mental or spiritual pain.

Clients come to you because they are hoping to find relief from problems they are having in these areas. As a skilled professional, you know how important it is to show empathy and caring for the pain your clients are experiencing, and to help them build faith and hope that they can overcome this pain. You also know how much your clients appreciate your showing understanding and caring towards them, and the significant role this plays in their healing.

However, if you are like many healers and therapists, when it comes to writing copy for your website, you may neglect to show this understanding and caring. Your copy may sound academic, stiff or dry–and/or it may focus too much on yourself and your healing techniques or modalities. If this sounds like your website, don’t feel badly… You were never taught copywriting skills in your professional training program. Instead, you learned how to write like an academic or professional. You learned how to distance yourself in your writing.

While academic and professional writing has it’s place, unfortunately it’s not very effective when it comes to attracting clients. So, it’s time to unlearn some of what you were taught….and to discover how to inject emotion into your writing.

Stay true to your cause!