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Find Out How The Wisest PT's Change To A Cash Practice!

Have you ever gone to or worse yet held a PT staff meeting and come away feeling absolutely depressed?

I have. Have you felt frustrated that you have to waste more and more time on justification of "medical necessity"?

Have you felt like you're doing more and more paper work and less and less patient care?

Have you noticed prices going up all around you while your salary or reimbursement rates are lagging and decreasing?

Are you tiring of "chasing the money" and wanting to find a better way?

Whether you are a serious beginner or a seasoned stressed practice owner you're in the right place to get help.

As PT's our costs are skyrocketing as our income is going down the tubes

Does our recent 0.5% rate "increase" even make a dent in your added cost of getting to work? Bureaucrats are storing our salaries and practices right next to the chopping block. A new president whatever his "party" may not even wait for the 18 months Medicare cap exemptions to go away.

As Medicare tightens our belts it hurts even worse because many other third party payers tie their rates to Medicare rates. When Medicare reduces rates or makes new rules all the other third party payers are likely to jump at the chance to cut our rates or make life more difficult.

At the same time as our fuel (home health PT's like me feel this one most) and utility (private practices and homeowners fee this one) costs are going through the roof our income is being eroded.

Though I have had clients willing to pay cash for quite a while, it wasn't my prime source of income.

Because I knew there had to be PT's basing their practices on the cash up front model I set out to find them and get their secrets. It takes a lot of guts to leave ones comfort zone but I knew that if I could find how they did it I could do it.

My wife's cousin who flies around in biz-jets says, "Don't try to do it yourself. Find someone who's doing what you want to do and copy them." Don't try to reinvent the wheel.

The Solution

Developing a physical therapy cash practice is the answer. It also FEELS better. I feel approximately 1000 times better when my patients pay me cash! If I can learn it and do it you can too.

By a cash practice I mean a customer-focused, cash at or before the time of service, physical therapy practice.

Neither I or my nationally known PT friend thought I could find 20 PT's practicing this way but I found them and recorded their secrets via exclusive interviews not available elsewhere.

With their permission I am allowed to share their secrets with a few of you in the cash practice secrets home study course.

Even better, the PT's I found who have discovered the secrets of this style of cash practice are unusually pleasant and happy - UNstressed. I'm happy to call them my friends and you will be too.

Whether you are just starting out or need to bring more cash into your practice there is something for you in this course.

"The information contained in the course is INVALUABLE."
-Jonathan T. Virginia Beach, VA

Discover the secret to a cash practice

After interviewing and learning more about cash based physical therapy from these experts I found more cash started coming into my practice.

I can’t tell you enough that I feel approximately one-thousand times better than when I was working for third party payers alone.

You can do it too.

Now the “paperwork” I do actually brings my clients / referral sources smiles. They call me to thank me for keeping in touch.

I get more hugs, thank-you’s and appreciation than ever before. The cash pay work I do is FUN. The other day I took one of my cash paying clients to see my brother's plane at the airport. My client is a former pilot. He LOVED it though he can only speak a few words at a time. With Cash Practice I can focus on what's best for the patient and not what the "third party" requires.

These secrets I have learned are too good to keep to myself!

We MUST go forward to being a profession that can stand on a firm foundation of very high perceived value in the minds of our clients.

When we create incredible value in the clients’ minds they will pay for it.

If we don’t learn to provide that incredible value, we will be forgotten as a profession. We will go the way of the dodo bird.


"I stayed up until 2:00 a.m. reading the course book. That’s hard when you have to go to work at 5:00 a.m.. I’ve already made three all-cash PT visits!"

-Dan M Boston, MA

I want to start my cash practice now

In this course you will learn How to have an 8.5” x 5.5” “credit” department.

This one is so good I’ll share it with you now.

I went to Staples™ and bought duplicate statement books. When a client pays me $150 for a single 45-minute visit I log it in at the top. When they pay me $800 for a eight treatments I log it on the top line of the statement along with the date paid.

In bold letters at the top I write “credit card charged” and “Thank-you”.

I give the client the credit card receipt but keep both copies of the statement. At each visit I deduct from their credit with me so that at the bottom the balance is zero.

There I write another personal thank-you message letting them know it is a real pleasure to know them serve their needs. It's easy to be genuine.

You will also learn:

  • How to pay no rent or the best possible rent for your PT clinic with less than $4000 start up costs
  • How to get a VITAL $1000 piece of equipment for your cash based clinic for just $100
  • How and where to get free advertising for your promotional seminars
  • How to market your clinic before you even open the doors!
  • How to market your clinic on a regular basis
  • What should expect to pay for marketing
  • What marketing works best and how to maximize its value
  • Why a cash-based PT clinic model works much better than accepting 3rd party payments
  • The sort of lease you should sign for a new clinic
  • How to budget for startup costs
  • Typical costs for ongoing expenses: rent, utilities, staff wages
  • How to prepare yourself for opening or going cash-based with your practice
  • How to promote the services of OTHER PT’s besides yourself when you grow
  • What responses to expect when you no longer accept insurance/Medicare and what to say to them
  • How to decide what to charge and what other PT’s in 4 states are charging for cash PT
  • How to make it easy for patients to get reimbursed by their insurance companies
  • How to accept payments via credit/debit card, check and cash.
  • The transaction cost for each payment method.
  • How it feels to be free of insurance company hassles.
  • How to plan the average length of treatment session
  • How to plan the average number of visits to plan per series
  • How to create such incredible value that clients are willing to pay cash
  • The best sources for patient referrals. (Hint – mostly it’s not from Doctors.)
  • What extra products you can offer that boost your bottom line.

Get me started on cash practice benefits immediately

Not only can you learn the above from ONE PT in one clinic but from FOUR PT’s in four different states and settings. They are all really doing cash practices and sharing how you can too!

They’re sharing Secrets!

Phil T – Began his all-cash PT clinic in an area where he was unknown.

Has rapidly expanded to include massage therapy, personal training, other physical therapists. As with the others all fees are paid at or before the times of service.

Scott V – Began out of his basement and has expanded to a multispecialty clinic that is “booming”.

His practice is in a small town of New York State.

Margaret Bartlett – Runs a very lucrative solo practice in Corvallis Oregon. That's a university town of only 40,000 population!

She took a month of to go to New Zealand. When she came back she was busier than before she left! Her business model is highly repeatable and right for our times!

Alison – Began as a solo practitioner and has expanded a PT/Pilates clinic in California.

She was even able to take time off to Ireland while her clinic stayed open making her money.

As with the others she has no accounts receivable. She practices on the coast and treats professional surfers from time to time but somebody has to do it.

I (Lance), work in a bedroom community of Arizona and have always had clients willing to pay me cash.

Teach me what these people know about a cash practice

Through learning and creating this course I have accelerated the flow of cash to my own practice and had a genuinely good time doing it.

I am not featuring myself in the e-course but share some insights along the way. I was in the part of my PT class that made the top 10% possible and if this works for me it will work for you.

You’ll learn how to run a PT practice on a cash basis, and not have to worry about the politicians and bureaucrats.

Because I have a TEAM of contributors you’re almost certain to get what you’ll need.

Learn How to "Take a Pass" on the Coming Paycuts!

Buy investing in your near future today you put money in the bank of your long term future before it’s too late.

You’ll begin reaping the rewards of a cash practice instead of weeping about what the politicians have done to us.

You’ll be multiplying your lobbying efforts because your patients will immediately become your advocates with the legislators. They’ll know exactly what you’re talking about!

The sooner you convert to a cash up front practice the sooner you’ll make more money.

Get your practice our from under the specter of a legislator’s pen. Bring the joy back into your practice.

You get the answers to all the above questions right from the PT’s who are doing it. You’ll be able to hear and read the stories of how they did and are still doing it today.

I want a cash pay RAISE instead of a pay cut

Because you need this NOW I’ve invested in getting this product to you nearly instantly via an easy download

It has cost me well over $20,000 to produce this course. What if we cut that in 40 pieces for a mere $500 per course?

Because you are not the only one buying this course, I can do better for you ...

I have an expanded physical product course that sells for $397 plus shipping and handling.

Because I know this course is important to you, I've set up a new way of delivering it.

This course costs just 15% of expanded course which make it over $59. You get this course nearly instantly (that cost me over $1500 extra to set up).

The course is fantastic and stands on it's own.

To help you even more in your success, I am also providing these bonus products at no extra cost when you order today:


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1 hour free consultation with cash practice expert
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Right now I'm charging $150 per hour of cash practice consultation. Buy right now and you get one hour of advice and questions answered for free!


Bonus #2



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The audio has a value of $147. Buy now and learn how to become a millionaire for free.

So if I add that all up, I get $344.

This is SO important that regardless of fees I am now offering this course to you for a mere $47 – less than the income from two units of therapy.

I'm not sure how long I'll be able to keep selling at this price so act now to lock in this value.

Just $47

Shipping is FREE!

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