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Two of the contributors to our Cash Physical Therapy Secrets Home Study Course are proponents of LASER therapy. Darren Bayliss, a PT with a practice in Tucson, AZ, tells how to use a laser to best effect in one’s practice.

He also shared that newspaper advertising actually was effective for bringing new patients into his clinic who would pay cash for cold laser treatments. Darren isn’t one of the “core contributors” to this course as he doesn’t bring in a minimum of 65% of his revenue from cash but he knows how to use laser.

Mano Borg-Pappas also uses laser therapy and has had NFL players come to pay her cash to use it on them. She uses more than one model and brand of laser. I spoke with a local physicist at Arizona State University who told me that some of the lasers being sold were not lasers at all but LED lights.

Know what you’re getting and using. I’ll be sharing more in the near future. I have used the Erchonia laser for back pain and other conditions and never was really convinced of anything more than a placebo effect. A spinal cord patient of mine actually however was willing to pay for ongoing laser treatments out of pocket in order to keep the services going. I’m not sure what they thought it would do.

Whew now there’s a controversial post!

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