cash-physical-therapy-band.jpgIt is likely that I have had the pleasure of interviewing more cash-paid PT’s s than any other PT in the country. At one clinic, Scott, who practices in Colorado, had a colorful therapy band collection looped through caribiner clips and anchored above head to a column via a very strong hook into a column.

Not only were the bands useful but they were attractive. While I was visiting with Scott he used them with a patient who paid him $150 for the session in green cash money the minute he was done with PT.

I could hardly believe it a little while back when one of my patients spoke like she had lost the gains she had made in the rehab unit now that she was out seeing me in her home. I do a lot of objective tests and know she’s progressing but her impression is what matters.

Because she wasn’t doing all the things she did with therapy band in the rehab unit she thought she must be regressing. After I pulled out the single therapy band I had in my cart-bag and had her use it she really seemed to appreciate the equipment.

cash-physical-therapy-willow-tree-home-com-big-letter-e.jpgEquipment is one of the things mentioned by Pat Croce in his introduction to the cash practice secrets course. My patient was a testimony to the fact that equipment does matter. So why hadn’t I had a set in my bag before that time. It’s too expensive by the piece and I didn’t want to warehouse a whole bunch of rolls of it.

I also asked my patient how much she would pay for it if I got her some and she said, $5.00 for the 3-foot section I used with her. I have since taken the initiative to purchase 5 rolls of therapy band. I also have bought over-the-door / hand / wrist / foot / ankle / doorknob / chair / doorjam stopper straps so the therapy band doesn’t have to be sacrificed to slamming the door on it.

The strap which is shaped like a figure-eight and is pale green at the apex of the picture at left can also be used as a handle if you have a client with rare latex allergies. The company advertises 99.998% free of latex allergens.

The resistances I chose, colored R.O.Y.G.B, were the the most popular resistances I found when I polled therapists across the country. In this case the lightest resistance is red with progressively stronger resistances including orange, yellow, green and blue.

I got my first orange sample piece of this brand at CSM in New Orleans in 2004 and it just snapped a week ago when I over stressed it. I am pretty sure that this will increase your perceived value in your patients minds and increase your effectiveness as a PT.

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