cash-physical-therapy-blog-nutrition-data-com-photo.jpgI have profited from offering neutraceuticals to my business as a physical therapist. So have three other contributors to the course. I hate taking pills so a liquid product was what I chose.

Having a product developed by an MD makes things easier but great advising really helps. I speak to this a lot more in the course. Think of neutraceuticals as a side line and not a primary source of revenue.

If you have a cash based business it is no problem. Always remember to offer your clients only what you believe will genuinely help them and not just make you money. One Ounce Wonder is the product I use.

I have also checked out Intramax(TM) it is a little more expensive ($80/month’s supply a bottle) and no more profitable for the distributor. I can answer questions on each including price if you like to email me.

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