Going Green – Cash Pay Physical Therapy Can be a Dream!

Yep that’s me hard at “work” today.  We were dancing to “My Wild Irish Rose” when I  had a staff member in the ALF where I was making the call “snap” this picture on my cell phone.  If you study the previous post you’ll find what I got paid for this 45-minute visit.  I forgot [...]

Cash Paid PT – How I Just Closed the Deal

Yesterday at 9:25 I got a call from a previous patient’s power of attorney in Indiana.  She said her aunt’s house had sold and she wanted to spend her money on things her aunt would actually enjoy rather than just things to clutter up her apartment.  I heartily agreed as that’s how I treat my [...]

“Money Is Not an Issue” – Cash Pay PT with a Million Dollar View

Cash paying physical therapy clients all want the best care delivered as skillfully as possible.  By giving them the best therapy you are enabling them to get back to their lives sooner and probably saving them a lot of money.  When the call for cash pay PT comes you must be ready.  Last Thursday at [...]

Leveraging Word of Mouth for a Cash Paid PT Clinic

When was the last time you read a book or went to a movie?  Chances are it was because a friend recommended it to you.  This so-called network “marketing” is very effective.  Getting your patients to spread the good news of your great PT service is the primary way for you to become established as [...]

What Works for Getting Cash Pay PT Clients

Forming and maintaining good relationships are the keys to any business. My most recent cash paying customers came to me by the referrals of both a successful care home owner and a PT clinic.  I am a genuinely friendly but not overly outgoing therapist and and keep in touch with both.  I have sent both [...]

Physical Therapy During a Recession

During this global economic crisis how can one even THINK of doing cash-pay physical therapy?  I NEVER wanted to hear of over 500,000 U.S. workers losing their jobs in a a single month?  As these workers lose their jobs their ability to pay for their own health insurance premiums decreases.  Many physical therapy clinics are [...]

The Secret to Cash Practice Success

Many therapists are always wondering what the secrets to cash practice success are. Google searches are a very good way to find those secrets. One secret that is very effective not only for cash practice but for anything under the sun is to take a home study course. In physical therapy, home study courses can [...]